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Nowadays many countries in the world have some form of national lottery or similar type government run prize where members of the public can win cash prizes. These lottery draws are not necessarily a new or modern phenomenon and in fact the first recorded sighting of these dates as far back as 187 B.C in China.  The 1st official lottery in the UK and was designed to raise money with a view to help raise the standard of certain public facilities and give people the opportunity to participate in a fun and unified national competition.





Across the globe you will find that the system of lotteries, and raffles have all been incorporated into society and in general are a good way for the government to earn revenue and in turn use a portion of the revenue for good and worthwhile causes within different communities. The way that each government handles the payouts, fraudulent activities and social issues with gambling vary but for the most part are in line with creating a safe and enjoyable socially relevant contest that brings people from different walks of life together each month.

The original lottery draw is based on a random selection of numbers that takes place on a certain set date either weekly or monthly in most examples. The way in which the prize money is calculated will depend on the number of individuals that have purchased tickets or groups of tickets. This system has allowed for the jackpots to reach mammoth amounts that can be won by individuals or shared by people with the same combination of numbers. Over the years and as technology has improved there have been come major developments and improvements into the running, administration and exposure of these lotteries.

Scratch Cards

One of the ways in which these sweepstakes have evolved is the addition of scratch cards into the types of games that can be experienced with state or national run lotteries. Members of the public can now choose to play these quick and easy scratch games for small amounts and still stand the chance of winning decent sized jackpots. In most cases these lottery scratchcards can be purchased for low amounts from either a newsagent or authorized Kiosk. With these games the amounts that can be won will also depend on the number of individual cards that have been played but can also reach really large figures.

In 2012 in the US there has already been the largest jackpot ever won with a staggering $640 billion which I read was shared between a couple lucky winners. In the UK and across Europe we often see winners of the Euromillions reach huge jackpots. The Euromilions and National Lottery site also has a whole variety of lottery based games that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

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