History of Craps

Craps is said to have evolved from an English dice game which dates from far back known as ‘Hazard’. Street gamblers in France adopted the game and gave it the name of ‘Crapaud’. When time went on craps was introduced to gambling houses throughout the world and grew popularity.

At land-based casinos, craps is played on a table which accommodates up to 20 players. Two identical dice are used to play the game. The atmosphere there is loud and pretty exciting – hence, it is called a social game.

However, now, the internet created, even more, possibilities to play craps. Online craps has become an affordable and convenient option for players. No more large tables, and multiple casino stuff – or the need to feel intimidated by other players. Gambling enthusiasts can now access and enjoy craps online without any hassle.

Playing Craps at an Online Casino

The rules for playing craps remain the same online. Seven and eleven are still deemed as winning throws. Two, three and twelve as losing rolls. However, the setting is a little different. A certified random number generator is used instead of a real dice. And, instead of having dealers placing bets as in land-based casinos, you can place your own bet at NZ internet casinos. After placing your bet, you press the roll button, and a virtual dice will be rolled.

Playing Online Craps Step-step

Originally, craps has two phases: the ‘Come Out Roll’ and the ‘Point Roll’. The secret to the casino game is to understand the two rolls.

The ‘Come Out Roll’

Generally, this is the first phase where the ‘shooter’ or player wagers the minimum bet on either the ‘pass line’ or the ‘don’t pass line. Online, gamblers can place a bet by clicking on the ‘bet’ option, usually displayed on the side of your computer/mobile device screen.  After placing your bet, you then ‘cast the dice’ by pressing the ‘roll’ button on the screen.

The ‘pass line’ bets win if numbers 7 and 11 are thrown – and the ‘don’t pass’ bets lose. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled out it becomes the other way around, the ‘don’t pass’ bets win and the ‘pass line’ loses. The three are referred to as crap numbers.

The Point Roll

This is the second phase of the craps game. If point numbers; 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 are rolled out, players place an additional bet. The shooter throws again, and if a point number is rolled out before a 7, the pass bets win. If a 7 is rolled out before any of the point numbers, the ‘don’t pass’ bets win. Easy-peasy!

Game Rules for Online Craps

  • In general, two dice are used to play craps
  • Pass line wins when a 7 or 11 is rolled out on the ‘Come Out Roll’ and vice versa
  • Odds 3-4-5 are allowed
  • Everyone playing the game is given a chance to be the shooter
  • You can bet on single numbers or single rolls

Online Craps Tips

  • Understand and keep the different bets in mind
  • Learn how to use downloadable online casino software to play craps
  • Play demos first
  • Make use of the sign-up bonuses
  • Properly manage your monies and always start small

Online Craps Terms

  • #Two – snake eyes or eyeballs
  • #Three – Three Craps Three
  • #Four – Little Joe
  • #Five – Fever Five
  • #Six – Jimmy Hicks
  • #Seven – Six one
  • #Eight – Mom and dad or square pair
  • #Nine – Jesse James
  • #Ten – Tennessee
  • #Eleven – Yo
  • # Twelve – Midnight

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