Unibet Live Casino Review

Unibet Casino is designed to service a large crowd on the weekends. The green and white colored web site lends itself to a larger spacial feeling. You will find functionalt for live gaming and their main menu of Sports, Poker and RNG Casino. You won’t find upscale graphics until you hit their Live Games. The live games are streamed by Evolution Live Gaming Software company in Latvia. The studio is strategically located in the international hub city of Riga on the shores of the mist Baltic Sea. Once inside LIVE you are going to be blown away with the new interior design that was completed at Evolution’s Baltic studios in October of 2011. The palying tables you wil be experiencing at Unibet are now polished Madera Negro and the floors covered in Oriental carpets. The spaces inside the casino studio are now more spacious giving a much more luxurious ambiance. I had placed Evolution at the top of the totem poll before. Now I feel it will be very hard for them to fall to second position in the very up scale live gaming market.

Unibet Live Game Menu

You can a complete reviews of the below live games at Evolution Software Review

Unibet Live Games | Latvia Studio Streaming

  • Roulette (European single zero)
  • French Roulette ( incorporates La Partage Rule)
  • London Roulette (Distinctively British Croupier)
  • VIP Roulette (higher wagering limits once approved)
  • Auto Roulette (Cammegh Slingshot Roulette Wheel)
  • BlackJack (standard 1 hand 1 player at a table with 7 other players)
  • VIP BlackJack (higher wagering limits once approved)
  • Baccarat(standard version)
  • Baccart VIP (higher wagering limits once approved)

Unibet’s Player Base

Unibet is as the Name implies, a large widely distributed customer base. The Netherlands and Sweden make up 28% of Unibets Players with Norway, Spain and Finland accounting for another 19%. So their market is NOT narrow. The other 53% of the registered players are from an additional 15 countries. These countries are the countries they have languages for. You have access to more than 20 different languages served at Unibet.  Unibet attracts a much younger audience than it’s close competitors, such as PartyCasino, William Hill and Bet-at-Home. Unibet Group plc has recently acquire 100 per cent of the shares of French company Solfive SAS, owner of SPS Betting France SAS. We would expect this French connection to place France on Unibets corporate charts soon.

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Unibet Live Casino Likes & Dislikes

Accessing the Live Games

The games are easy to find. Unlike a few sites that have merely tacked LIVE DEALER CASINO on as an appendage, Unibet has the LIVE GAMES well integrated into the main body of play. The live gaming windows open and operate with out a download directly from your browser. What i found interesting was that, once it is open you can drag the size as large or as small as you like. Once on the Live Game page and you click the Live Roulette tab, for example, You are going to get a separate window… totally red with Once registered though, you can enter the tables but are going to need cash to make a wager. There are no free games to play… sorry. For free-bees try LuckyLive Casino with Vuetec software. We have a whole section of free play live casinos if you are interested in passing your time a bit more… slowly, but the more cash placed on the table the bigger the rush.

Bonuses For Unibet Casino Live Players

The welcome bonus is a 100% to 100e traditional casino incentive with a 50X play through…BUT!!!! It only applies for the RNG games, not the Live Dealer casino… sorry! That happens a lot in a lot of casinos. The live games are new and so the admin is always a bit slow in massaging the bonuses into the regular program. The initial promo for live is over and they are temporarily in a no mans, no bonus zone that hopefully will fade into the past like a bad dream. Check out the Best Live Bonus page if you feel you just have to have a free-bee. It took me a while to get enough Live Bonuses in the same basket to fill a page. There are a lot of costs to Live Dealer web cam streaming. The House Edges are also very slim in Live Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack, so don’t hold your breath for a give away that is large.

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