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Visionary Live Casino Software is a sleeper amongst the big guys like Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution.  They are on a smaller scale with a lot of potential. The administration is experienced with an accounting system which keeps all players withdrawal requests, paid on time. There are actually very few Visionary casinos that are serious players. You can see the list below.  Celtic Live Casino and Fairway are the two most mature live casinos. Being just out of the mainstream gives them an edge. They are versatile in their handling of the players. The owner of Visionary is from The Netherlands by way of Dublin Ireland. He was CEO for Vuetec, before opening Visionary software. The owner of Fairway was also owned directly by Visionary. In February of 2012, it was turned over to Dr. Adrian Carli, owner operator of Celtic Casino.

Comparing Visionary to other Live Software Providers

  • Visionary Live Casino Software has twice the history stats in roulette than any other software. This gives the Martingale players a reason to smile.
  • The croupiers are more casual and very approachable. There is more live chat amongst croupiers and even player to player.
  • All Visionary Live Casinos have a super short payout time. It varies from 5 to 10 hours on a week day.
  •  Visionary was a pioneer in the “Early-Payout Blackjack” field of play. The VIG version is a great improvement over Vuetec’s EP Blackjack from which it is based upon. But IMO Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack takes the prize in this field.

Celtic’s 100€ 1st Deposit Bonus and/or Even Free Play

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Celtic Live Casino Review

I had been playing live games streamed from Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin, for a while at Lucky Live Casino. This was even before Visionary software went live online. So when Celtic came along with a brand new live gaming experience, I was excited.

Visionary iGaming Software Platform Review

The biggest differences you will encounter at Visionary Live Gaming Software Platform is the way VIG has trained their croupiers. They too have set up the interaction between the players and the dealers in a professional yet casual way.

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