Live Roulette

Roulette History

No one knows for absolutely sure where or whom invented Roulette, the “Little Wheel” in French. It is thought to have been invented based on a combination of an English wheel game Roli-Poli and the Italian board games of Hoca and Bribri. For sure the Roulette wheel was played in its present form as early as 1795. We know this because of a reference to it by the French novelist Jaques Lablee. He clearly describes a modern roulette wheel in the Palace Royal in Paris, 1975. He makes reference to various aspects of the wheel including the 2 house pockets of 0 and 00. European Roulette eventually reverted to only one zero due to high competition between casinos around the year 1845 in Germany. When Gambling was outlawed in Germany in the 1860′s. The elite in Europe then focused on Roulette in Monti Carlo for there wagering entertainment which soon became the mecca of casinos. Las Vegas was soon to follow in the United States. The Americans kept the double zero, which is known as the American Roulette today. The zeros are the Casino’s “house edge”. It is 5.4% for double zeros and 2.7% for a single.




Live Roulette Today

In today’s modern world of Live Casinos, Live Roulette is by far the most popular when compared to Live BlackJack and Baccarat. Live Roulette is unfolding like a never ending story. It is in the making as we play. It amazes me every time I step back and take a fresh look at where it is. The growth has been doubling every year for 3 years now. This upcoming year seams like it will be no different.  Live Casino Roulette, over the net, was first introduced by VueTec Software Platform streaming live web cam roulette play in 2005. VueTec merely set up it’s live roulette web cast from the famous Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino in Dublin Ireland. Other Software Providers were concerned over the sliding player numbers in some of it’s RNG table games when compared to online Slots. Roulette, along with other table games, were loosing favor amongst  online players. The suspicion was that the ever increasing sophistication of the online casino players were getting board with static RNG machines. They wasted no time inventing their own styles of Live Casino Roulette.

The 5 Major Players

By 2011 there were 5 major western-world live platform software providers, with roulette web casts to over 100 major casinos across the net.

  1. VueTec
  2. Visionary iGaming
  3. Evolution Gaming
  4. Microgaming
  5. Playtech

Below you can access all the information on these major live roulette providers and even some of the minor providers like the one USA facing Proprietary web casts software casinos use. There are tons of differences between them. I would be hard pressed to say which is the best for you. Concerns and requirements vary between players. The profile of online casino players like yourself, vary considerable. Today, on the modern Internet, you can find any where from serious high rollers to just-for-fun ladies catching their “free time” while baby naps.  Being a player myself I have my personal top pics. But to keep information as unbiased as possible, I have tried to stick to the facts and offer plenty of ways for you to compare all roulette live play. .