Microgaming Software Live Game Playing Basics

How to Play Microgaming Live Games- Using web-based technology the casino software will show you a live video of the proceedings in the remotely located studio. There are certain buttons and by activating them you can participate in the live dealer games and see and hear everything in the studio by a detachable video feed box. You will have to place your bet and the dealer will start dealing and declare the results just like the betting in a real casino.

Multi-Player Game is a game mode integrated with Live Dealer technology to provide a mass game atmosphere. You might take a seat before you start betting, so that you can see other players on the same game table just like the experience in real casino.

Moreover, player could bet on more than one table simultaneously. The followings give you a quick look on how to participate the live dealer games in our online casino.

Obtain an alias

To obtain an alias (alias type varies from players), do the following:

  1. Random Alias is auto generated by system to players.
  2. Fixed Alias is input by players in the first login and would be saved for the login afterwards.
  3. Session Alias is input by players in every login and would expire once players logged out.


Select a Game Table

To join a game table, do the following:

  1. Ensure you are in Lobby window with table selection.
  2. Click a Game Type tab to select the game type you want to play.
  3. Click a Game Tab with the preferred Game Mode.
  4. Click the Game Table button to enter the game table.

Play a Game

  1. To play the game, you must wait until the game announces “please start betting”. Then click on the chip that you wish to place on the table or select the chip by Hot Key Feature.  You can remove any chips from the table before confirming your bet by pressing Clear Bets.
  2. Depending on which game you play, there may be other actions you need to do. If you are not familiar with the rules of the game you have chosen, you may go to the Game Rules page of that particular game type for reference.
  3. You can view the dealing process by Live Dealer through the Video Feed Box, as long as the results are shown on screen in the meantime. For more information about detaching feature of video feed box, please go to Live Video Feed Box page.
  4. When the result of the round has been determined, it will be displayed on screen, updated the Balance immediately, and the result will be added to the Game History(if available). The game will then tell you whether you won or lost, and how much. A new round begins once the game announces “please start betting” again.

Exit the Game & Casino

To exit the Casino, do the following:

  1. For web version, click the X button in the top right hand corner of the screen. The Casino is closed.
  2. 2. For download version, Click the X button at the top right hand corner of Game window and Confirm to exit Game. Click the X button at the top right hand corner of the Lobby window and confirm to exit the Casino.