ScratchMania Scratch Cards Games Help

In my previous article I looked at the different methods I use when assessing a new scratch cards or casino site.

I was searching through the scratchmania site and noticed a new section that I had not picked up on earlier that will be extremely helpful for new players and gamblers thinking about trying out their online scratch cards and slots game. has a fully stocked help section that aims at making the process of choosing a game much easier with loads of useful information. This has to be one of the most robust help menus I have ever seen, they have included a logical display that helps break down the important sections as follows:

  • Welcome
  • The cashier
  • Playing the games
  • Questions and Answers

Each category has further details that look at the important aspects of the relevant section.


Playing Games Section

The Playing the Games section provides a seriously in depth look at each scratch cards game that they have on the site. All the scratchmania games are listed here and are presented in a easy to see display that then can be clicked to reveal even more info.

You can access a small description of the specific scratch cards game and also read the how to play details that clearly describes how best to enjoy your chosen game title.

These help menus are another classic example of how scratchmania are trying to lead the pack when it comes to customer support, promotions and weekly themed scratchcards deals.