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There is a lot going on in the industry concerning legalities of online casino play. The APCW Gambling Industry News is monitoring it all.  In poker the news is getting a bit better. In casinos in general many EU countries are going to a regulated format. The US is totally undecided and will have breaking news almost every week. There are indictments and hard core governmental attacks on new sectors of the industry every day it seams. So it is a good idea to keep an eye on what is happening around the world. Especially if you  live in a country that has not found their way to regulation as yet

What is The APCW Gambling Industry News

The APCW – the Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters is a group of organizers that is fighting for our rights to be free on the net. The APCW the is the place where Players, Webmasters, Affiliate Managers, and Casinos join together to work for honesty, integrity, and transparency online. Governments in countries all over the globe are joggling to place their open palm at certain groups of players via taxing the casinos. The APCW is there monitoring and adding their 2 cents in at every turn. Some one needs to do it. If we can support them by merely watching the news and even joining their organization, it is a win win situation. Membership in the APCW is FREE to Players. So lets help keep the powers that be in view and in check. There will be no control over governmental monopolies unless their citizens speak up. I would like to support the APCW Gambling Industry News. That is one reason we have made available their weekly videos. So stay tuned…




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The APCW was founded in 2003 by JTodd,, and operated jointly with  Anthony Telesca, the long-time Auditing Director.
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